Benefits of a Dedicated IP

Hosting a website on a shared server is often an invitation to worries. One may worry their website may be blacklisted due to the spammy habit of another website hosted on the shared server. If you too are thinking of hosting your website on a dedicated IP, you may have plenty of questions regarding its advantages.
Let us have a look at some of the benefits of a dedicated IP and understand why it makes it crucial for hosting websites.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

What is Dedicated IP?

Before we dwell on the crucial benefits, let us understand what is dedicated IP. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a unique address, assigned to each computer, mobile or Internet-enabled device connected to a certain network. This IP address helps one find the actual location of the computer or a website on any given network.

A dedicated IP means the website has its own personal address that cannot be shared with anyone. This means you and only you have the right to use this IP address and can access your website from the Web.

Why Owning a Dedicated IP Beneficial?

It is difficult to judge whether you should or should not use a dedicated IP. However, if you find after reading the benefits of dedicated IP that you too will gain from it, then it is definitely a right choice for you.

  • A dedicated IP address will help you establish and be accountable for your emails. The emails will no longer be grouped together with spam emails and, therefore, improve your IP reputation.
  • If your website has high-volume traffic or you need to send over 100k emails per year, then it is better to shift to a dedicated IP address. This will help prevent your high-volume traffic site from crashing or becoming slow when multiple users access it at the same time. Thus, the reputation of your site won’t be marred by a crash report.
  • You can have your own private SSL Certificate with a dedicated IP address. This will be beneficial for e-commerce websites that require SSL certificates when accepting credit card details online. Thus, your customers will feel secured when sharing their details with your site after they see an SSL certificate.
  • There may be other websites that spam or come under the adult website category when using a shared IP. If any of these websites raises a red flag, it may cause the entire IP address from their index to be blacklisted or blocked. Thus, your website too comes under scanner causing an embarrassment for your company. Choosing a dedicated IP for your website in such a case will ensure your IP address remains safe and does not cost you your reputation.

These are some candid benefits of a dedicated IP address. If you find these benefits will definitely boost your website reputation and be helpful for your customers, then choosing a dedicated IP address should be your next investment step.