How to Find IP Location?

The Internet Protocol, or IP address is unique to every Internet-enabled device just like a fingerprint. It is very important as it helps two or more devices communicate with each other.

This interaction between computers makes it very easy for hackers as well as spammers attack your PC. If you wish to know more about a particular PC and its location, you can do so by finding out its IP location. Let us learn about how to find IP location of a PC who is trying to communicate with your device.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address Using Website Address

You can trace an IP address using website IP address.
  • You need to open the command console on Windows OS or the Terminal on a MAC.
  • Now, enter the URL of the website you wish to trace, for example,
  • Press Enter/Return and you will find the IP address appear next to the name of the website you have entered.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address Using Email Address

When you receive an email, you receive more information that just the message sent. It comes with headers that have information related to where it was sent from and in some cases who sent it. Now, those who sends a message through Gmail using a client like Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail, you will be able to get the original IP address.


Now, when you receive a mail in your Gmail, you need to click on the inverted triangle next to the Reply tab. Click on Show Original and a new window with a lots of codes and your message will appear. Here, you need to look for Received followed by an IP address in between square brackets []. For example:

Received: from ( [])

Now, use the numbers between the brackets to find the IP location of the sender.


Those using Yahoo mail need to open the mail they wish to track. Click on More and select Full Header from the drop-down menu. Search for Received: from and copy the IP address in []. If you find there are many Received: from go for the address in the last pattern. Or look for the instance with IP address in X-Originating-IP.


Hotmail or Windows Live account users need to go to their inbox. Under Sort by select the email you wish to track. You will get a menu with lots of drop-down options. You need to select View message source. This will give you email headers and from here you can find the IP address of the sender. You can look for X-Originating-IP or Received: from.

How to Track IP Address Found?

Once you find the IP address of the person you are looking for, copy it and paste it in any website that offers lookup of IP addresses. Some of these websites that helps provide you a comprehensive information regarding the IP location includes:
  • Geotool
  • HostIp
  • Whois
These websites will provide you with information related to IP Location, proxy, device type, OS, browser, user agent, screen size, cookie, javascript, etc.

Most of the time, you get the address of the server from where the email is sent. Not the exact location of the sender. If you are getting disturbing mails or someone is blackmailing you on the Internet, you need to seek help from proper authorities. Only a legal action will help pinpoint the exact location, PC as well as person who is trying to intimidate or cyberbully you.