What is Private and Public IP Address?

Internet users know what an IP address is. Those of you don’t know, let me explain in short. An IP address or Internet Protocol is like a unique fingerprint of each device connected to the Internet. It helps in identifying each networked computer and device on a particular network. When two devices communicate with each other on the Internet or local network they exchange information on each other’s IP address.

The confusion comes up in many minds when we talk about public and private IP addresses.

What is Private and Public IP Address?

Let us talk about what is private and public IP address in the following paragraphs.

What is Public IP Address?

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides a public IP address to a computer. It is provided through the router that is connected to your PC or Internet-enabled device using a modem. The ISP assigned public IP address and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) recognizes it. This helps you connect with the World Wide Web and gain access to the Internet.

What is Private IP Address?

A private IP address simply means an IP address that is exclusive to your computer or Internet-enabled device. With this private IP address, you can use your private network at home or office. The user or the network owner assigns it. The user’s router can also assign it automatically. There are two types of Internet Protocol. They are IPv4 and IPv6. It helps define the technical format of the packets and addressing schemes with which the computers communicate with each other.

Therefore, a public IP address means you are connected to a public network that is the Internet. The private IP address is provided by the router and assigned to each device that is connected to it. This information will help solve your query what is private and public IP address.


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